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Description: Magnesium Oxide (MgO)

Available dimensions (HxLxD):
• 2400 x 1200 x 12 mm
Border types:
• Straight
• Sharp

Distribution : Per Pallets

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Materials Fenix Panels Cement boards Plasterboards OSB/Plywood Plastic Panel
Fire Resistance Excellent Good Good Mediocre Mediocre
Water Resistance Excellent Good Mediocre Good Excellent
Closing Force Excellent Mediocre Mediocre Excellent Good
Mold Resistance Excellent Good mediocre Mediocre Good
Insect Resistance Excellent Good Good Mediocre Excellente

Developers, Builders &

  • Ability to insure timber frame construction
  • Significantly reduces the risk of spread of fire during construction.
  • Non combustible materials for timber and steel frame construction means shorter programmes and reduced holding costs
  • Fénix board can withstand water damage and will reduce costs  and timescales for reinstatement works

    Architects & Engineers

  • Reduced partition thicknesses due to versatility of board performance
  • Maximisation of net internal floor space and/or reduced overall  gross construction area
  • Increased life cycle as a consequence of its all round durability and resilience.
  • Improved U values

    Contractors & Installers

  • Reduced build programme by offering the ability to select steel or timber frame solutions over traditional methods
  • Can be installed before building is wind and watertight offering  fit out programme advantages.
  • Safer working environment due to non combustibility and ability to install before wind and watertight date.
  • Can be used in off site fabrication within closed panel and pre insulated panel systems
  • Easy to install and more versatile leading to reduced labour and material costs
  • Can be used decoratively and structurally removing the need for traditional brick and block and wet trades


    Fenix Board is suitable for:

  • Internal decorative wall board
  • External decorative cladding and siding
  • Non combustible sheathing material for SIP (Structural Insulated Panel), pre-insulated and closed panel
  • Passive fire applications: doors, flue linings, steel columns, shaft walls, soffits
  • Ceiling tiles, fire ceilings & internal partitions
  • Fire-rated furniture and appliances for controlled environments
  • partition systems requiring High Impact
  • Facia and Soffits (Internal and External)
  • Substrate for render coatings and insulated panel systems
  • Wall cladding for fire escape corridors
  • Substation, switchroom and boiler room wall cladding
  • Floor decking and staircases
  • Tile backer boards for wet areas
  • Substrate or sarking for timber roof and timber truss sections
  • Timber I-Joists
  • Wood stove burner backing board and lining

    Market sectors

    Fenix Board is compliant for use in a number of market sectors :

  • Timber Frame Construction
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Commercial Developments : Retail, Offices, Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Public Sector - Institutions, Education
  • Universities
  • Residential
  • Student Accommodation
  • Petrochemical Oil and Gas Industry
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