On average, domestic water heating accounts for over 30% of CO2 emissions. By installing a solar thermal heating system, the average family can greatly reduce the CO2 footprint of their home.
Our maintenance free system lets you enjoy the benefits of solar thermal heating without all worries of dangerous chemicals, overheating, freezing or mechanical parts that quickly fail. Our system is toxic free. Just “set it” and “forget it.” Plus, a back-up heating source ensures you’ll always have hot water even during in climate weather or electrical outages.
Solar hot water systems are more cost effective than photovoltaic systems, Because solar thermal systems use the sun to heat water, it makes it more efficient. You will also see an immediate reduction in your energy bill up to as much as 38%, depending on how much hot water you use.
Reliable and durable 
Our solar thermal systems provide the highest quality, reliability and proven durability. With best in class technology, our solar systems provide consistent water heating with some of the highest efficiencies in the industry.
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